A Wannabe?

Before we go too far here, let’s all remember that the internet comprises a small sea of useful information in a vast ocean of crap that makes you dumber if you read it. I have to be careful with what I share. I like to provide useful links to stuff for 2 reasons – it’s useful for you and it’s useful for me twice: the first way is so I can remember the link later and the second way is that I don’t end up with a bunch of email/comments asking for them.

With our monthly Beer Pairing dinner approaching on Wednesday, I’m polishing up my beer snobbery so I’m ready to go. But now I’m starting to think that maybe I’m not quite the beer snob I thought I was – I was poking around a few things, looking for some beer-related facts, and I stumbled on a whole world of beer snobbery that makes me feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. Maybe, just maybe, I’m only a wannabe beer snob.

The first thing I found was RealBeer.com. Wow, there’s a lot of stuff there I didn’t know, but there’s a lot of stuff – I have to be careful sorting through it all. So I’m going to have to verify this information personally – asking people I trust along with drinking some (many?) of beverages that receive the RealBeer “Beer Snob Seal of Approval” (or whatever they give to the beers they like).

Then I looked at something called BeerHunter.com. I gather the Beer Hunter has passed, as the site is dormant but the content is good; that led me to something that looked interesting – Real Beer Tour. It wasn’t (hence no link), so I quickly discarded it . That led me to a place called RateBeer, which has active contributors; I got there by looking on Beer Hunter for temperature advice, but I resorted to a Google search. Finally, somehow I ended up finding this: Pints For Prostates Chicago Gourmet Beer Tasting. It’s a fundraising event for prostate cancer survivors (I know some of them, and owning a prostate makes one sensitive to this topic) with a prize – a trip to the Great American Beer Festival. The final leg of my journey, just before giving up, was The Beer Snob. This guy nailed it just a few weeks ago – he succinctly explained the difference between crappy and good beer.

At the end of this romp through the Interwebs, I feel that I left smarter but dejected – I thought I was a beer snob but I’m just a poser. Looks like it’s time to drink more beer and do some reading – better do that in the other order, or the reading won’t stick.

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  • Thanks for the kind words about my post and for linking to me. I don’t know what beer you drink but I wouldn’t say you’re a poser….just a Beer Snob in training. Just keep trying new beer and reading up on it and you’ll be as snobbish as me before you know it!

    The Beer Snob

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