Quick update #1 on the 2010 ALSWalk4Life – 25 days to go…

WARNING: In a couple of paragraphs, I’ll be begging you to donate some money. I promise that this is the only cause I will ever ask you to donate to support, at least on this blog, for the foreseeable future.

On September 12, 2010, around 11AM in Chicago, hundreds of people will be getting ready to do something that happens only once every year – and it’s not getting all decked out in Chicago Bears gear for the Opening Game of the 2010 NFL season (some people might be doing that). I’ll be doing something quite different – I’ll be participating in the 2010 ALS Walk4Life.

There’s a little countdown clock over on the right of my front page – it’s counting down to the walk, sponsored by the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

I don’t have ALS, but my good friend Steve does. I’m walking this year in support of him. I’m making pretty good progress in achieving my modest fundraising goal, at just about 60% – I’m shooting for $2000, and right now I’m at $760 in hand with another $410 pledged through various matching donations, for a net of $1170.

If you’ve already donated, I want to thank you publicly for that donation. I’m torn about whether I should be listing names here or not, so I’ll list first names and last name initials which is relatively anonymous:

Drew A., Pat B., Amitava G., Jeff H., Al J., Kathy L., Moira M., Dan O., Linda R., Gino S., Mike W., Tim W.

For those of you who haven’t donated, it’s easy: follow this link – think about it. Here’s some examples of what your donations can fund:

$25 funds one hour of respite care or ten blood sampling kits for ALS research.
$50 will provide one full day of nutrition for an ALS patient with a feeding tube.
$75 can help fund items in the home, such as handrails, to help people with ALS (PALS) with their daily life tasks and sustain a level of independence.
$100 allows the Foundation to delivery equipment to PALS.
$500 helps a family to install a wheelchair ramp to allow easier access for PALS.
$1000 aids in the purchase of an electric hospital bed ($1500 to $3000), which gives PALS increased comfort.
$2,500 provides handicap transportation for monthly visits to the clinic and two months of supplies and supplemental feedings for those who require a feeding tube.
$5,000 pays for one month of respite care that helps prevent caregiver burnout. It also funds one augmentative communication device for ALS patients who can no longer speak.

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