Pomodoro – The Final Chapter

Writing a blog post is often cathartic and sometimes it’s enlightening. This one is a little bit both; simply writing this post (the first real one in a while) makes me feel like I’m back on the horse AND I actually discovered why I was struggling with something that has eluded me for a while. Feel free to tell me how obvious my discovery is.

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September Beer Pairing Dinner – Guinness


(History on this report can be seen here. Beer scales/measurements are provided when available; see here for what these mean.)

September 2010 Beer Pairing Menu

Well, it’s that time of the month again. No, not that, but time for the beer pairing dinner. For Sepember 2010 we get a set of favorites, along with a new one, from Arthur Guinness’s brewery at St. James . . . → Read More: September Beer Pairing Dinner – Guinness

The real world’s a bitch

It’s been almost a month. My friend Bob said to me “Nice blog you got there. Starts with a bang and dies out. Just like all the rest of them.”

I don’t want it to die out.

I also want to stay employed. I’m funny that way. So I make priority calls – one of which is to focus on getting my job done. When . . . → Read More: The real world’s a bitch