WTF is up with the man in the red hat?

The Man in the Red Hat

(This is the last post I was working on prior to a serious interruption in my life – I’ll summarize that interruption as I had a little chest pain and when I asked for an appointment with my doctor their answer was “where is the nearest hospital?” That gets your attention.)

[Post originally scheduled for November 7, 2010, after the Illinois vs. Michigan football game . . . → Read More: WTF is up with the man in the red hat?

I’m getting a Volt!

Ever since I saw the first concept version of the Chevrolet Volt, I wanted one. I’ve kinda been a Volt “stalker,” following them on the interwebs and to auto shows (Chicago only, but we hadn’t been to the Chicago Auto Show in about 10 years prior to the Volt showing up). I even signed up to do a test drive last fall (late November) but . . . → Read More: I’m getting a Volt!

It was Tuesday afternoon…

… in Aarhus, Denmark. I was at JAOO 2001 to give a presentation and run a panel. I came by myself; The Wife and kids stayed at home because they had school (one a Sophomore in High School, one in 6th grade, and one in Kindergarten).

The conference was at the SAS Radisson Aarhus, a nice venue for this meeting. I wasn’t scheduled to do . . . → Read More: It was Tuesday afternoon…