The real world’s a bitch

It’s been almost a month. My friend Bob said to me “Nice blog you got there. Starts with a bang and dies out. Just like all the rest of them.”

I don’t want it to die out.

I also want to stay employed. I’m funny that way. So I make priority calls – one of which is to focus on getting my job done. When . . . → Read More: The real world’s a bitch

Brief hiatus

I’ve been away on a quick vacation with the family. Posts should resume tonight.


Welcome to Ron’s Playground.

Since this is the first post on this blog, a good use for it is to get in a quick introduction; you can see the About page for more information.

The basic theme here is that I’m a little unpredictable. Random isn’t exactly the word, but it’s likely that thought will cross your mind. I plan to use this space for . . . → Read More: Welcome