I like tomatoes…

tomAto or tomAHto?

… so maybe I’ll like Pomodoro.

Some quick facts:

I peruse a bunch of RSS feeds. I use a Mac I own an Android phone I DO like tomatoes. [note to self: add a post about my Dad's garden]

I have a list of about 30 or so RSS feeds that I check periodically [1] – I let Safari just load . . . → Read More: I like tomatoes…

Brief hiatus

I’ve been away on a quick vacation with the family. Posts should resume tonight.

Just because you’re paranoid, part I

See part II, part III, part IV.

I’m a Mac guy, remember? I use Time Machine as my backup strategy because I don’t really have to think about it. It just works – it does it’s thing and I’m largely oblivious.

Obliviousness is peachy until the hard disk crashes in the backup drive. The good news is that the only things I lost were files . . . → Read More: Just because you’re paranoid, part I

I admit it – I’m a Mac guy

I’m an engineer, a computer scientist by degree. Way back, the same year Ronald Reagan was elected president, I was a freshman at the University of Illinois. There were no “PCs,” and computers filled rooms. They were mysterious machines, operated by wizards speaking in tongues, with black robes and pointy hats in poorly illuminated rooms.

That’s mostly accurate – computers DID fill rooms, and not . . . → Read More: I admit it – I’m a Mac guy

Who ARE those people?

My wife and I met in High School, dated throughout college (at different schools – that wasn’t easy), and got married when I finished grad school and she finished Pharmacy school. “That’s nice. And I care why?,” you’re thinking. You likely don’t, but it gives some context for this page.

We just had our 30 year High School reunion.

That was this past weekend (July . . . → Read More: Who ARE those people?


Welcome to Ron’s Playground.

Since this is the first post on this blog, a good use for it is to get in a quick introduction; you can see the About page for more information.

The basic theme here is that I’m a little unpredictable. Random isn’t exactly the word, but it’s likely that thought will cross your mind. I plan to use this space for . . . → Read More: Welcome

ALS Walk4Life

We had a great Walk4Life 2010!
So Far:$1,741.75
Match: $1,011.75